Solving Hawaii’s Cesspool Problem, 2020

General operating support, 2020

General operating support, 2020

Exploring robotics in marine protected areas, 2020

Exploring robotics in marine protected areas, 2020

General operating support, 2020

LarvalBots for Coral Reef Seeding, 2020

Coastal water pollution Solution Search, 2020

Restoring abundance to Hawaii nearshore waters, 2020

General operating support, focused on sanitary solutions to protect the Kenyan marine environment, 2020

In support of Oceans 5, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2020

Deploying nitrogen removing biofilters in sensitive coastal communities, 2020

Program support for Clean Water Initiative efforts, 2020

Program support for clean water program, 2020

Tracking alternative seafood industry developments, 2020

Exploration of fisheries management technology, 2020

Advancing sustainable fisheries management in Japan , 2020

General operating support, 2020

Protecting coasts and oceans through law and science, 2020

General operating support, 2020

In support of the High Seas Alliance, a project of the Ocean Foundation, 2020

Urban Water Challenge 2020, 2020

Technologies to prevent extinctions, 2020

Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2020, 2020

Program support for the Oceans program, 2020

Program support for Latin America marine conservation, 2020

General operating support, 2020

General operating support, 2019

Ocean sewage pollution strategy analysis, 2019

Mapping and groundtruthing wastewater flows into the ocean, 2019

Mapping hotspots of human sewage input into the ocean globally, 2019

Economic and environmental implications of clean seafood, 2019

BLUEprint for MPA Success, 2019

Sustainable seafood program at New York Aquarium, 2019

Exploring seafood alternatives, 2019

General operating support, 2020

Accelerating conservation of coastal blue carbon habitats, 2020

Biodiversity Funders Group program support, 2020

Monitoring water quality in the Mesoamerican Reef, 2020

Plant-based and clean-meat alternatives to seafood analysis, 2018

Sustainable Seafood Initiative, 2018

Project support for the Outlaw Ocean Media Project, 2018

Media Impact Project, 2018

Project support for Bristol Bay efforts, 2018

BLUEprint for MPA Success, 2018

General operating support, 2019

Blue Carbon report, 2019

Mainstreaming oceans as a climate solution, 2019

Evaluation of the sustainability of cell-based seafood, 2019

Global Ocean Watch concept development, 2019

Sustainable Seafood Initiative, 2019

Cell-based Seafood Scientific Research, 2019