Of the many issues affecting the marine environment today, we believe that fishing, climate change, habitat loss, and pollution are the most significant.

Oceankind has loosely structured its own efforts to contribute to initiatives in each of those four broad issue areas. We pursue two general approaches in addressing these challenges: Oceankind Conservation and Oceankind Innovation.

Oceankind Conservation

Our Conservation initiative is dedicated to advancing the work of leading non-profits focused on marine conservation. Within the field of marine conservation NGOs, we seek to:

  • Invest in lean, strategic organizations and exceptional leaders with the potential to play a stronger foundational role in the marine conservation community globally.
  • In collaboration with funding partners, contribute to results-oriented, time-bound campaigns of global conservation significance.
  • Scale proven, applied conservation technology through policy drivers.

Oceankind Innovation

Our Innovation initiative is dedicated to advancing promising marine conservation technology.

  • We believe novel approaches and technologies can make many of the difficult tradeoffs inherent in conservation easier to make.
  • We support scientific and technological advances that have the potential for direct application to marine conservation at scale, and to be part of a future where oceans thrive.
  • We work with nonprofits, research institutions, entrepreneurs, investors and funders to shepherd these advances from the earliest stages in the lab out to real use cases in the ocean.