Development of dissolved gas sensor – Sensor for Aqueous Gases in the Environment (SAGE), 2022, 2023

Evaluating eDNA as a monitoring tool for management of ESA rockfish, 2023

Developing tools for eDNA analysis in marine species management, 2023

Developing scalable sensors for in situ measurements for seawater total alkalinity, 2023

Decoding Communication in Nonhuman Species II workshop support, 2023

Bristlemouth Connectivity Standard, 2023

Omics’ Technology Workshop Support, 2023

Informing a US national strategy for eDNA applications, 2023

Improving aquatic eDNA targeting using the Nucleic Acid Barcode Identification Tool (NABIT) Platform, 2023

Developing and validating eDNA-based tools for tracing blue carbon in kelp habitats, 2023

Development of dissolved gas sensor – Sensor for Aqueous Gases in the Environment (SAGE), 2022

In support of the eDNA Collaborative Lab, 2022

Development of low-cost imaging floats for oCDR MRV efforts, 2022

Modification of the SeaLion-pHAT sensor for in situ pore water sampling of seagrass ecosystems, 2022

Advance consideration of eDNA methods as a tool of resource management and biodiversity conservation, 2022

Development of marine eDNA decay rate models to enhance ocean monitoring, 2022

Utilization of eDNA tools for Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary management, 2022

In support of continued research & development of ESP cartridge, 2022

eDNA sampling in the National Estuarine Research Reserves, 2021

Development of ecoDASH, 2021

Using eDNA to improve marine conservation, 2021

General operating support, 2021

eDNA analysis for environmental assessments, 2020

Palau MPA monitoring with eDNA, 2020

eDNA index development for benthic invertebrates, 2020

National eDNA workshop, 2020

Developing conceptual models for eDNA, 2020

Washington Pacific Coast eDNA pilot, 2020

Coral reef acoustic monitoring, 2020

Marine Sentinel project support, 2020

Technology scan of mass spectrometers, 2019