2030 CITES shark and ray strategy, 2023

Molecular Monitoring of Fisheries, 2023

General operating support, 2023

Advancing electronic monitoring in fisheries via edge-based compute, 2023

General operating support, 2023

Quantifind/JAC Partnership, 2023

General operating support, 2023

General operating support, 2023

Marine conservation in East Asia, 2023

Improving sustainability of demersal trawl fisheries, 2023

In support of the WWF Pacific Tuna Program, 2022

Exploring uncertainty around carbon emissions associated with bottom trawling, 2022

Sharks & Rays – CITES Campaign and Implementation, 2022

In support of the Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technologies (SAFET) conference, 2022

Global Transparency Coalition to combat IUU fishing, 2022

Development of real-time classifier of illegal trawl data, 2022

Development of ship navigation radar dataloggers and infrastructure, 2022

Development of hydrophone technology for marine protected area monitoring, 2022

Development of technology to reduce bycatch in fishing nets, 2022

Remote sensing of illegal bottom trawling on a global scale, 2021

Project support for the Shark Conservation Fund, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2021

General operating support for US fisheries, 2021

Establishing the joint analytical cell at Global Fishing Watch, 2021

Xview3 competition, 2021

Program support for scaling electronic monitoring in fisheries, 2020

General operating support, 2020

Program support for Latin America marine conservation, 2020

Program support for the Oceans program, 2020

General operating support, 2020

General operating support, 2020

Advancing sustainable fisheries management in Japan , 2020

Exploration of fisheries management technology, 2020

Tracking alternative seafood industry developments, 2020

General operating support, 2020

Economic and environmental implications of clean seafood, 2019

Sustainable seafood program at New York Aquarium, 2019

Exploring seafood alternatives, 2019

Plant-based and clean-meat alternatives to seafood analysis, 2018

Cell-based Seafood Scientific Research, 2019

Sustainable Seafood Initiative, 2019

Global Ocean Watch concept development, 2019

Evaluation of the sustainability of cell-based seafood, 2019

General operating support, 2019

Project support for the Outlaw Ocean Media Project, 2018

Sustainable Seafood Initiative, 2018